BYE 2016

2016 was a productive year for WHOISFATSOE. 2016 saw the return of, the first hats were made and also the first pair of shorts were made. But most importantly I want to thank all the homies who continue to support and wear the brand. I'm looking forward to see what 2017 has in store for this small business. 



Throwback to the first whoisFATSOE Skate Competition. Would love to throw another competition in the future. It was great meeting people in the community and rewarding them for their hard work. 


After Vegas I flew to San Francisco. Never been there so I made sure my camera was charged up and ready to capture moments. It was great timing too, cause Kanye West opened 21 pop shops around the world, and there was one not far from where I was staying. I thought I might be able to get my hands on some Pablo merch, but sadly I played myself. You could only spend 20 minutes in the store and there was a limit of 2 items per customer. Kids had been in line since 5am and I showed up at 2pm waited 30 minutes in line said fuck this. And I got tired of answering old Chinese folk's questions of whats the line for. So I skipped that and continued to flick it up. Heres what I found....


Throwback to the first shirt I ever designed. I made it at a friend’s house, I made 12 and handed 11 of them out to people that supported the dream. Every now and then I look back at what I was thinking when I made the design, and ask WTF was I thinking? The answer is always the same. I wasn’t thinking. I had no marketing ideas, I had no idea about vector images, I had no idea about the different printing processes, but all I knew was that I’m going to try my best to be the best.


Unfortunately I didn't take many photos while in Vegas. But I am pleased I met some new vendors while at Sourcing. And got a few new things and ideas in the works so stay tuned.